Data Warehouse


Provides a central repository for data extracted by a number of means, either for the purposes of direct external reporting or staging data for further processing in other systems under a dedicated workflow. The Service itself includes a scheduling mechanism and a set of API endpoints that provide a number of methods of triggering report extracts.

Scripts are managed through SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a component of MS SQL Server, available through the standard MS SQL Licence.

Data can be extracted from the ITAS Operational Database on a recurring schedule or on-demand. The 'records' are stored in tables that exist in a separate (reporting) Database which acts as a repository for the reporting technology of choice.  

For an overview of the relationship between the ITAS data and the reporting/analytics tool read this guide provided by Microsoft.


Contents of Data Warehouse

  • Reporting Stars

    Designed with speed of read access in mind, these generic, pre-defined stars are provided to allow reports to be designed based on transaction-level data with the purpose and presentation controlled by the reporting tool of choice.

  • Report Factory Pattern

    An Architectural Pattern for allowing extraction of reporting data generated by (heritage) business applications.

  • Data Factory Pattern

    An Architectural Pattern for allowing extraction of operational data generated through (SSIS) script.

  • FAQ