MEPACT - Request Month End Procedures
What is MEPACT
MEPACT is a process that initiates the delayed activation of the full MEP.
MEPACT is designed to activate the operation of month-end-process at a time when the interruption of business running is minimal i.e. as a part of the standard overnight batch.  This means that the MEP will be completed by the next morning.

MEPACT has optional (Hivedome activated) features :-
a)     the maintenance of the Manufacturing Period dates. This feature allows the company for example,  to determine that the accounting period for Jan13 begins on 28Dec12 and finishes on 27Jan13, Feb13 begins on 28Jan13 …
b)     the maintenance of ‘Ops closed Period’. Feature to block non-authorised users for posting accounting documents into a nominated accounting period. (ctrl02_lastopsmonthclosed)
c)     the restriction to activate MEP IF the automated P&L SS process has not been previously actioned for the period to be closed (S01 – ctrl02-plss<>N)
d)     the restriction to activate MEP IF non FISCAL currency P&L balances exist for the period to be closed. This check is activated by setup in S01 of P&L transfer accounts (ctrl02_fxbs + ctrl02_fxplr). A right-click process in MEPACT ‘Transfer Ccy/Dept’ will prompt for P&L clearance Journals to be created, with the balances reinstated for the following accounting period. This process complements the YEP clearance.

Note: MEPACT will maintain ctrl02_meprequested = Y to block more than 1 x MEPACT being requested in One day.  The user can deselect overnight activation by use of MEPACT/Cancel MEP.

See MEP for further information