ITAS Trader Desktop
The Trader Desktop is an intuitive, user-friendly and customisable interface that provides speedy access to all areas of ITAS.

ITAS Business Modules
Business Modules each relating to a specific business area of the system that can operate independently or in conjunction with the others.

Supporting Information
Information on recent updates and developments of ITAS Trader Desktop and Services, as well as details of upcoming releases and the software roadmap.

Reference Topics
Support topics and articles relating to Software Integration, Master Data, Single Currency Processing, Reporting Solutions and Process Definitions.

Administrator Topics
Guidance for system administrators on how to configure Trading Entities (companies), set up user rights and authorisation, and carry out essential maintenance tasks.

ITAS Services
ITAS Services are designed to allow clients to customise and extend their use of ITAS Data and Functionality. Includes APIs, Data Warehouse and Events Management.

VideosCheck out some of the ITAS features in action

FAQHave a look at the most frequently asked questions in ITAS.

Whenever data is displayed on grids, try right-clicking on headers to access help specific to each column in that grid.