ITAS Services



These are a set of Services designed to complement Trader Desktop and the ITAS Business Modules, allowing our clients to customise and extend their use of ITAS Data and Functionality.

They are available to all clients under subscription and packaged according to their specific requirements and capabilities. 

Subscription Packages

Enterprise Premium Core
Trader Desktop Trader Desktop Trader Desktop
Document Management Document Management  Document Management 
Alerts & Notifications  Alerts & Notifications  Alerts & Notifications *
Data Processing (Workflow) Service  Data Processing (Workflow) Service  Data Processing (Workflow) Service *
Data Warehouse  Data Warehouse   
Web Portal ***  Web Portal ***  
Reporting Dashboard Reporting Dashboard   
Document Storage ** Document Storage **   
OData Service ** OData Service **  
Data Query Service     
Data Modify Service    

Enterprise Services

A typical Enterprise client will have their own IT (development) capability allowing them to fully utilise the open architecture provided by the API. Directly subscribing to the Events Engine allows alert and event notifications to be picked up by middleware processes, whereas the ITAS API and Data Query Service (DQS) provide the ability to extract core trading data, and the Data Modify Service (DMS) to create, update and remove data. The typical requirement concerns system-to-system workflow, for example, accounting information flowing from ITAS to an external accounting system, or broker trades incoming from a brokers own trading platform.

As part of the package on offer we provide a dedicated Project Management Board which allows collaboration between our and your developers and business analysts. This resource is useful for managing projects and time around workflows such as described above, where our integration team can assist with using the services available; whether its identifying Data Entities, building queries or offering advice on design or solution provision. 

** Available for Preview
*** Migration to Data Portal in progress (preview eta Q2 21)

Note: On top of the monthly subscription fee there will be a one-off licence cost which will include an initial TMA budget to help with service adoption. 

Premium Services

Premium clients can benefit from their package of services by working with our development team to design and build the solutions on their behalf. Workflow processes can be developed within the Data Processing Service, for example, for direct Integrations with external packages or Services. Other services available include Web Portal Application development, data extractions or reporting. 

Core Services

Many of our clients do not need major changes to the system post-implementation and the package on offer reflects this. Clients can benefit from adopting Alerts and can build simple workflows for condition-based actions through the Data Processing (Workflow) Service (DPS). 
* restrictions will apply

NOTE: Irrespective of Package, projects/developments can be commissioned on a T&M basis or alternatively, larger bespoke projects can be managed under HQ in order to cap the cost. 

Benefits to Subscribers

All subscribers will be able to influence the ongoing development of the ITAS Services and the innovation Roadmap.

Potential enhancements to all Services will be discussed, detailed and timetabled via our open forum. Major Releases will be on a quarterly basis.

Enhancements will include:

  • Data Entities added to the Entity Framework and available via Data Query Service and OData Service
  • ITAS API workflow endpoints for Create/Update data functions
  • Heritage functions transitioned to Entity Framework allowing Trader Desktop and Web (Data) Portal Apps to be developed
  • Functions added to the library available to the Data Processing Service (Workflow)

Requests for enhancements can be made and discussed within the ITAS community and it is anticipated that, combined with the generic framework (architecture) each of the Services provides, many traditional Change Requirements will be able to be managed through configuration and/or minor development work. Examples include:

  • Building custom User Interfaces for data entry and recall
  • Reports, Enquiries and Dashboards development
  • Components (functions) and data access (both inbound and outbound) for Integration projects

Contents of ITAS Services

  • Document Management

    Provides the ability to both store and retrieve documents either generated through Core Module Applications or through external processes (email attachments, scanned documents).

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Message distribution service that carries Data and Operation event notifications to users and service subscribers.

  • Data Processing Service

    The DPS is a reliable, production tested Subscription Service which quietly monitors and processes data in the background.

  • Data Warehouse

    A supplementary data store for separating your operational and historic reporting data.

  • Web Portal

    A framework of services that allows access to ITAS data and functions securely via browser, tablet or phone.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    Dashboards can be developed for both the Trader Desktop and Web Portal to visually highlight high value information

  • Document Storage

    Store system-generated and scanned documents within a dedicated Database, providing enhanced search and accessibility.


    Provides access to data and functions used as part of client-driven solutions either through an Integration Platform or the Data Processing Service.

  • Data Query Service

    Enables your organisation to retrieve specific data in real time from any service, application or server.

  • Data Modify Service

    Enables your organisation to push specific data in real time from any service, application or server.

  • OData Service

    Provides access to ITAS Data, Reports and Actions to citizen and system data users

  • Data Portal

    Combining the features of Trader Desktop with the versatility of the Web Portal platform, the Data Portal will over time become the principle tool for navigating ITAS functions and data

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