ITAS User Videos

Welcome to the ITAS User Videos, here you can view several animations showing how to get the best from ITAS 8. Videos are added often so please check back for more. Current videos include:

Introduction to ITAS 8

A general introduction to ITAS 8 including the new menus, your customisable desktop and how to access common functions with a single click,

Setting up your Desktop

More information on how to add and manage shortcuts to frequently used ITAS applications and even specific contrcts.

ITAS Smart Panel

Smart Panel is brand new in ITAS 8 and helps you by storing a list of recently accessed ITAS Entities (e.g. contracts or WIPs) as well as showing alerts, postings, open ITAS windows and gives quick access to Docman


ITAS 8 DocMan

ITAS 8 DocMan is an updated version of DocMan, with the same advanced flexible and secure solution to document storage, but now listing all the documents and enabling the user to easily identify the document they want.


ITAS 8 Alerts and Notifications

General guide on how Alerts and Notifications are used and can benefit you

ITAS 8 Data Grids

Data Grids are a new and exciting way of viewing your ITAS data, with great flexibility and options, i.e. the ability to customise your layouts and compare data in different grids.




Contents of User Videos

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