MTM - Menu Text Maintenance

What is MTM

MTM is the ITAS (gf_menutxt) maintenance program. It is used to amend any of the contents of the ITAS main menu. This is useful for customising the names of the menu options and programs that the company uses. The main information held here is for each program:

  • Program abbreviation
  • Parent Directory
  • Full Description

Other information held is meaningful to the ITAS support team and serves as an aid to software support.

Some Company codes have been assigned as follows:

  • A = General functions
  • B = Commission Back-Office type
  • C = F&O hedged type products e.g. Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton..
  • D = Produce (e.g. cotton, nuts, spices, fruit) oriented Trading i.e. no paper market hedging
  • G = Master data codes only

ITAS can handle language translation of labels, forms and general text. It is controlled by ticking the end column (LANG) in the MTM. There is a CMP Privilege needed by the user before access to this feature.

When an ITAS installation has not configured MTM as a part of the standard Navigator release, the access route is via Navigator/File/Administrator Tools for accredited (prv40_extendedfile) users.

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