Document Entry


This section groups the principle manual document entry and reporting procedures.

Contents of Document Entry

  • DOCENT - Document Entry

    What is DOCENT The entry of all purchase, sales, credit and debit notes is done in options grouped in DOCENT (although many other applications have automatic document creation features). DOCENT is divided in smaller sets ...

  • DMR - Documents Movements Report

    What is DMR DMR is the document status reporting tool. It is used to report on the current status of any documents that have been entered either for immediate update of the ledgers or are ...

  • CMP Privileges in DOCENT

    The full list is not applicable to all ITAS instances i.e. some processes are only relevant to F&O and IAS23 procedures AUTH Authorise Available Documents AVAIL Documents Available To Amend CAC Create Accrual CACAMEND Amend ...

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