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Data Processing Service (DPS)


The ITAS Data Processing Service (DPS) is described as “a collection of reusable ‘functions’ which, when packaged together perform automated, repeatable tasks”. These functions are grouped into workflows which have specific purposes, for example processing a document, or responding to a notification. By separating the condition from the action it is possible to create if-this-then-that (IFTTT) automation's using combinations of pre-defined functions.

UPDATE Sep19 - To include Workflow Service.
As at 8.9.2 Workflow Service is available as an Alpha Version for testing only.  
As at 8.9.3 v1 available. 


Each of the following can be used as part of a condition:

  • File monitoring
  • Windows Folder monitoring
  • SMTP Folder monitoring
  • Notification (Topic) monitoring

So for example if a file is dropped in a designated folder then take the following action:

  • Publish message
  • Write to a Database
  • Read/copy/move/delete File
  • Activate ITAS function or application (including parameters)

By creating new functions and extending the triggers, more sophisticated workflows can be developed that are bespoke in nature, but generic in design.

Existing Uses

Valuation Database Refresh

Included within the ITAS API is a function that allows the caching of calculated contract valuations. A request is triggered through a dedicated endpoint and the DPS is scripted to subscribe to the Topic assigned for this purpose. The if condition is the receipt of such a notification. Upon receipt the action is taken to create the valuation task. Managing the lifecycle of the cached data, handling multiple requests and so on is only made possible due to the background processing provided by the DPS.

Auto Indexing of Scanned Documents  

Through configuration it is possible to nominate a series of Windows Folders to act as repositories for documents that require indexing for Document Management purposes. In this instance the if condition is the presence of a new file and the action is the creation of a base index including moving the file.

Developing Workflows

Currently this is a background development task but plans are underway to build a UI for self-service that would extend the scope of the current functionality to include condition-based if scenarios concerning data changes, data comparisons and time-based conditions (e.g. each week, 7 days prior to...).

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