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The overall purpose of the ITAS API is to provide external access to the ITAS system, both in terms of data and functionality. The API endpoints provide that point of contact and allow us to create a layer between ITAS and external usage. This enables Hivedome to create a re-usable set of ITAS objects for both point-to-point communication between systems (i.e. no human intervention) and new user interfaces (e.g. web pages, mobile apps and so on) built either by Hivedome or by clients. Although distinct in terms of meaning, this area of technology is sometimes referred to as Web Services.

Terminology and Syntax

  • The terms Web Service, Endpoint and API are used interchangeably and refer to a single http request that performs a purpose. An example of a web service is: http://{servername}/ReferenceData/TradingEntityId/Physicals/Ports/{Property}/{PropertyValue}.
  • Technically API and the term ITAS API (application programming interface) refers to all endpoints as a collective but API can also be used generally to describe a single endpoint.
  • Data in curly braces {servername}, {PropertyValue} changes depending on context.
  • V1 the previous version of ITAS Web Services
  • V2 the current version of ITAS Web Services now referred to as ITAS API.


Hivedome are adding new endpoints continuously - please see our online APIARY for documentation.

Development History

Web Services V1 allowed Hivedome to build an infrastructure to support fairly complex communications but was not effectively architected to allow for scaling out. It did allow us to develop reusable tooling such as the Events Engine and State Machine which will by and large stay as they are until they are migrated to V2 at a later stage


Contents of ITAS API

  • ITAS API v2

    V2 has enabled Hivedome to start to define a model from scratch that will more accurately reflect the ITAS system as a whole.

  • ITAS Web Services v1

    This section provides information on the methods and best practices used by Hivedome to generate their suite of ITAS web services. It is intended for use by Business Analysis, Testers and Developers who wish to consume ITAS Web Services.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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