Master (Shared) Data

This is the process for maintaining a single version of selective ITAS codes in one nominated Company (master) and then associate the individual codes to any of the S01 nominated associate companies.  A copy of the code is maintained on the associate company(s) table.  S01 can be used to specify that selective tables may be excluded from master/associate relationship for individual company(s). Similarly S01 can specify that some table fields can be excluded from the master/associate relationship.


The codes included are:

The main static data forms are maintained centrally. The ancillary CLI data i.e. via the View icon, with the exception of Bank and Contact details, are NOT maintained from the Master company but need to be applied on associate companies directly especially the F&O Commission details.

Maintains ves01, ves02 tables i.e. all data to describe a Vessel and optionally it’s tanks/sizes

Commodity codes  {cmy03}
-  Commodity - Email Addresses {cmy54}
Weight codes {cmy11}
Pack codes {cmy23}
Price codes {cmy12}
Contract terms {cmy14}
Shipping weights {cmy19}
Shipping Terms {cmy203}
Payment terms {cmy15}
Ports {cmy16}
Cost Types {cmy25}
Cost matrix {cmy20}
Arbitration terms {cmy26}
Insurance Groups {cmy27}
Period type {cmy18}
Shipping Status {cmy28}
Goods Status {cmy29}
Quality Codes {cmy17}
Quality Targets {cmy39}
Samples Codes {cmy36}
Quality Analysis Codes {cmy37}
Business Sector {cmy117}
Instructions {cmy66}
Group Controller Instructions {cmy68}
Container Types {cmy78}
Admin Terms {cmy143}
SED Codes {cmy222}
Freight Payer {cmy256}

F&O /Trade codes {cmy42}
F&O Commission Overrides (cmy137)
Weight codes {cmy11}
Price codes {cmy12}

Grid Ref codes {cmy104}
Province codes {cmy105}
Region codes {cmy106}
Client Type codes {cmy107}
Contacts job role/relationship codes {cmy109}
Other Classification codes {cmy110}
Ratings {cmy120}
Styles {cmy129}
Interface Codes {cmy144}
City Codes {cmy171}
DIOT Codes {cmy237}
Detail Classification Codes {cmy185}
Payment Modes {cmy241}
Municipality Codes {cmy231}
Suburb Codes {cmy232}

There is a CLI, PHYSCODES, CLICODES, EFACODES and TERMCODES x CMP privilege (MASTERINSERT) that allows the user to refresh/replace an existing copy of a code on an associate company WHEN that code already exists on the associate company.


Steps to follow:
1) S01 nominate a company as a Master
2) S01 nominate a company as an 'associate' by entering its master company
3) The number of the tables in CLI and most in PHYSCODES will be disabled from direct update in the 'associate' company but the user can view/report them
4) The codes in CLI, VESSEL, PHYSCODES, CLICODES and TERMCODES need to be maintained in the Master with each record also nomianted for inclusion on specific associate companies.  Codes that already exist on the associate ITAS entity will be rejected by the preocess EXCEPT when the user has the CMP Privilege MASTERINSERT.  This privileg enables the situation where an existing ITAS entity needs to be joined into a Master structure but care is needed to ensure consistent data on Master entity and Associate entity.
5) S01 can be used on the associate company to remove the link for any of the tables identified above. Use View/Master Data Exceptions - Table and use the drop-down to pick the tables NOT to be maintained as Master/ associate. Hivedome maintain the full list in gf_idd07; examples are chr20, chr23, chr24, cmy03, cmy11. To add to the existing list requires a Hivedome quote/development
6) There is a hybrid mode of master/ associate for the CLI static. Hivedome would need to activate this condition. The effect is that the associate company can also maintain it’s own CLI profiles in addition to any number of CLI being transferred directly from the Master company.  This condition is automatically activated when an Associate company is enabled for direct CLI import (S01 setting) 
7) S01 can be used on the Associate company to remove the link for specific FIELDS. Use View/Master Data Field Exceptions – Column and use the drop-down to pick the table/field NOT to be maintained as Master/ associate.  Examples are cmy03_placc, cmy03_inactive, cmy03_vatcd, cmy03_portfolio, cmy03_cust.  To add to the existing list requires a Hivedome quote/development 

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