Stock Trace Administration


When creating the Charter, the contracts will be assigned by any of the three main processes, one of which being the Reorganise Shipments function on the Charter Party page.
Once the contracts have been assigned the Tank nominations can be actioned (assuming the vessel has been maintained and the static details setup as described in VESSEL.
The first time the Tank Details button is clicked the system will retrieve the default Tank layout and create a mapping for this charter. The screen presented to the user is similar to the Reorganise Shipments screen; however the key difference is that the contracts list will only show Purchase contracts that have already been assigned to the Charter.
At this stage the tank status can be set; either flagging tank(s) that cannot be used or grouping tanks using commingling codes. To set the status, highlight the tank in question and from the right-click menu choose Set Tank Status. The list presented will reflect the codes as setup in VESSEL.

Note: the right-click menu also contains an option to Clear Tank Status to reset to blank.
To start the nomination process, contracts can be drag’n’dropped onto the tank layout section. The user will then be prompted to select a tank (ctrl-F is available).

Tank suitability is tested using a number of factors:
1.       It has not been flagged as unavailable

2.       If another contract(s) has been nominated, the product matches

3.       The product is suitable for the coating of the tank - note: this will only raise a warning if the test fails.

If accepted, the Quantity to Assign will be updated with the outstanding quantity on the contract. The available will be calculated using the value held in PHYSCODES/Commodity Codes, Conversion to 1 Kilo column multiplied by the tank capacity. Any contracts currently nominated to this tank will have their quantity removed from the Available tonnage.
The Quantity to Assign may be amended, however if the total exceeds the maximum available in the tank, the user will be prompted to accept the discrepancy.
Once the nomination has been made the main tank details are refreshed. The Available column shows either the total capacity (no contracts/product nominated) or the remaining tonnage. Any change to the default product will automatically refresh all tanks with the same group/status.
Contracts can also be removed from their nominated tanks (by dragging off the tank details section) and this may also cause a refresh to the defaults of the tank.
Once all of the assigned contracts have had tanks nominated, the details can be locked. This simply marks the charter as such, and is optional memorandum, but it can also be used to verify the physical contract quantities against the values held in the nominations. For example, since nomination, a contract may have it’s loaded/discharge weight entered*; the locking process will identify this and give the user the option to review the quantities in the tanks.
Another useful feature is the additional column in Reorganise Shipments that shows the quantity nominated and the tanks selected against each of the assigned contracts.
* If the loaded/discharge weight is entered under the contract weight and a write-off or weight-loss split is created, the subsequent split is hidden from the tank nominations. To update the nomination, the associated contract needs to be dragged off the tank details section and then reapplied. If however, the weight comes in over, the excess will be shown in the un-nominated contracts list which can be dragged onto the appropriate tank to reflect the true quantity.


For Purchase contracts that are to be used for intakes into shore tanks, the tank nominations have further relevance. When selected in STOCKS/Intakes from TRADE Purchases, the Charter details are shown on the screen including the tank nomination(s). These can then be associated with the Stock tank(s) receiving the intake, thus providing a link between the Stock and Charter. This is useful in providing a trace of the goods, in particular in relation to analysis results.

WIP (Stock)

Assuming the Group by Intakes feature is active (ctrl50_grpbyintakedate), the Stock account will show each intake as a separate item in the stock detail grid. As part of this, details of the original Charter, vessel name, tank reference(s) and BL ref will also be shown.
This link is also used when creating the Analysis report which retrieves all records associated using:
·         Stock WIP
·         Charters linked by intake
·         Contracts assigned to the Stock WIP
·         Contracts allocated to the Stock WIP (also by intake)

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