Ad-hoc Items


This section contains various enquiry applications.

Contents of Ad-hoc Items

  • DSTL - Date Selected Transaction List

    What is DSTL provides various accounting lists that are designed as investigation tools. It is used to review accounting activities for very specific reasons with access to any of the ledgers. The report styles are: ...

  • HAQ - General Account Enquiry

    What is This procedure is used for viewing the transactions for any account/currency combination and any accounting period range. Additional filtering, different viewing styles and the feature to design your own screen presentation makes HAQ ...

  • SRC - Document Search/Narrative Amendment

    What is SRC SRC permits the viewing of any posted document. On completion of posting of a document and any related documents (i.e. linked using the secondary document references, use SRC to view their complete ...

  • ASSET - Asset Register Maintenance/Enquiry

    What is ASSET is a self contained subsystem for the maintenance of a register of assets. There are links with DOCENT (PIE+CAC), PORDER/POINV for the initial creation of new items and depreciation journals. The register ...

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