TRADE - Contract Maintenance


This procedure is used to fulfil all the tasks necessary for the tracking of a buy or sell from verbal agreement to liquidation in accounting.

TRADE combines Contract maintenance, Derivative assignment, Pricing Formula, FX assignment and subsequent logistics processes e.g. Container tracking, warrant/lotting

You enter the trade agreement into the position, produce various documents e.g. Contract advices, Declaration notifications, update with traffic/operations details such as shipped quantities, ETAs, warehouse details, insurance and allocate/deliver goods.

Limit checking can be S01 configured for each Entity; New business validation (Commitment and M2M/Risk) and Credit (Payment) checking.
Alert emails can be configured to notify exceed Limits.  In New Business entry, the user has a right-click feature to 'Show Limit Checking' before TRADE entry completion.

A comprehensive Document Management sub-system supports all ITAS created documents and can facilitate incoming email, pdfs etc being secured/referenced in DOCMAN via TRADE reference, Counter Party, Commodity/Product code..

Online P&L management is available with a full costings sheet present, links to commission notes and production of Sales invoices. Online P&L can be produced using current market pricing either from a common prices database or contract-by-contract valuation.

Other tasks handled are some ERP tasks e.g. tolling, manufacture, process whereby goods can be marked for processing and the audit will fully support their movement from 100MT of raw material to any number of refined products each with their own costings and weight loss/gain.

Full traceability from field to customer can be achieved, especially using the TRADE/Container procedure. This enables maintenance of the Suppliers References (lot reference) per container. In the TRADE/Logistics processes container references are selected for manufacture or allocation to sales trades.  The container/lot refs can be transferred to the TRADE/Traffic/Warehouse 'Lot Reference' using a Ctrl F search /pick feature. Note this is controlled by the S01 configuration (ctrl30_conttotrade).  If the ITAS entity is not using Container sub system , then the standard TRADE/Traffic/Lot Reference can be manually maintained to keep traceability. SAMPLES (International Trading) also provides a feature for a Lot Reference being transferred to assigned TRADE records.

Contents of TRADE - Contract Maintenance

  • What is TRADE

    What is TRADE TRADE is the Physicals Maintenance Procedure incorporating quotations, contracts management, position administration, logistics, operations and traffic . Using TRADE, the life of a physicals trade can be recorded from bid/offer to execution ...

  • How to use TRADE

    Jump to View Contract Image Contract Delete Contract Calculate Administration Value Create Tranches Create Contract Split Create Call-Offs Merge Contract Splits Insurance Certificates Traffic Amendment Allocation Details Maintain Deliveries Product Processing Contract Refining Invoice Marking ...

  • Setting up a TRADE

    Jump to Contract Pricing Financial Other Costs Franchise/Tolerance Status Quality/Specification Miscellaneous Each new contract must be assigned a number. The system can generate a number - different ranges exist for purchases and sales, 3rd party, ...

  • TRADE process features

    Jump to Process Refine General Mixing Analysis Manufacture Move Residual Tonnage Underfills General Expedite General Toll General Group Traffic Group Weights Group Vessel Insurance Declarations Group Warehouse Insurance Declarations Group Offers/Contract Advices Group Forms Group ...

  • Related Options

    There are several different (run) modes of TRADE to handle specific actions.

  • TRADE Privileges

    This is a full list of the CMP/Privileges that can be optionally setup on a SERVER to restrict user access rights to specific functions/features. A number of these features are very specialist and may not ...

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