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This section contains general reference articles about the ITAS system and the business community it serves


Contents of Reference Topics

  • Working with the ITAS Events API

    Step-by-step guide to implementing a subscription to the Events Database and the associated workflow to receive messages

  • Working with ITAS APIs

    Information on how developers can use the ITAS APIs (v2) including Data Query and Data Modification Services

  • Middleware and Integration Platforms

    ITAS Integration strategies through ITAS (Subscription) Services

  • Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

    Review of reporting strategies available to ITAS users

  • EDICOM Integrations

    Case study on how ITAS can be configured to send invoicing information via the EDICOM service

  • Single Currency Processing (FRS23, IAS21)

    Single Currency ITAS is a multi currency system whereby all transactions are entered in their actual (local) currency. However it is often required to report in the Functional Company Currency, therefore currency conversion is required. ...

  • FX Trading Procedures

    One of the ITAS Treasury instruments is FX trading. This can be configured by Hivedome/S01 with different variations, so to configure does require Hivedome/Client to discuss how FX is to applied. An important feature is ...

  • ISO 4217 Currency List

    Published: 09/04/2013 ENTITY Currency Alphabetic Code Numeric Code Minor unit AFGHANISTAN Afghani AFN 971 2 ÅLAND ISLANDS Euro EUR 978 2 ALBANIA Lek ALL 008 2 ALGERIA Algerian Dinar DZD 012 2 AMERICAN SAMOA US ...

  • Master Data

    Master (Shared) Data This is the process for maintaining a single version of selective ITAS codes in one nominated Company (master) and then associate the individual codes to any of the S01 nominated associate companies. ...

  • Sugar Factory Definitions

    BAGASSE On the number of the mill it is referred to as first mill bagasse, second mill bagasse, etc. After a diffuser the residue is called diffuser bagasse. The final residue from a milling train ...

  • Continuous Processing

    Our definition Operation of Processing Stages Procedure Intakes Trace Sampling Reporting Company setup Our definition We view Continuous Processing as a procedure with no natural breaks. Raw materials are entering the process constantly and the ...

  • Stock Trace Administration

    CHARTERS When creating the Charter, the contracts will be assigned by any of the three main processes, one of which being the Reorganise Shipments function on the Charter Party page. Once the contracts have been ...

  • Voice Recognition

    Speech recognition in ITAS In summary When using both Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 it was possible to carry out all actions that could be executed using a mouse or keyboard. Some ...

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