Alerts & Notifications


Alerts and notifications enable users to register to receive alerts* for changes in specified data points. Alterations to a Port of Destination or to a Bill of Lading Date can be brought to the attention of back office staff whose responsibility it is to ensure compliance with strict regulations and deadlines.

Alerts fall into two categories; Data Change or Operational Alerts.

Data Change

These are self-service and can be created by any nominated administrator. They involve identifying a single or multiple data points and requesting a notification when data change is detected through the AUDIT triggers.

Operational Alerts

These are linked to processes, typically those available through Applications. There is not necessarily any data change involved and this gives the ability to raise Event Notifications to interested subscribers. 

Contents of Alerts & Notifications

  • ITAS Events Services

    Hivedome have created an Eventing Messaging Service which will enable our clients to interact with events that happen inside ITAS. Interaction with Events are via Web Services. The basic idea..

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