Introduction to ITAS

ITAS 8 is the latest generation of ITAS software, the result of 35 years continued development. ITAS is a product of the close working relationship we have forged with our clients, designed to meet the needs of the commodity trading industry.

ITAS is split into two areas of operation; Business Modules and Services.

ITAS Business Modules 

The Business Modules handle contract administration (physicals and derivatives), position and valuation reporting, purchasing, production scheduling, material processing, storage, inventory management, traceability, transportation, marketing and distribution.
They are complemented by a series of additional features specific to the business functions and industries you specialise in.
Desktop access to the business functionality is provided by the Trader Desktop.

ITAS Services

A range of Subscription Services are available so you can extend the ITAS platform to fit your trading needs. We will help you find the right combination of components so your business is smooth and efficient. You can flex Subscription Services up and down and only pay for what you use, so your budget will benefit as well as your team.

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