Introduction to Hivedome

We are a UK-based Software Company established over thirty five years ago. We are dedicated to the development of software to meet the needs of commodity trading companies. Over the years we have developed the skill sets necessary to help trading companies better manage their overall management and operational workflow.

The build-up of our experience and skill sets have resulted in the production of our flagship application ITAS.  This software has been successfully used in many small single commodity trading companies and large multi-commodity, multi-currency transnational companies.

Since inception, we have focused on developing a close working relationship with our clients. Our core team of dedicated developers and support staff is the result of this symbiotic working philosophy. By providing professional, reliable and efficient support of our software, we are able to provide complete client satisfaction. Our close relationship also means we have been able to get quality input for the tailoring of ITAS to exacting requirements. Our core team has also grown with the company, developing an in-depth understanding of the trading business and the technical operations of ITAS.

For any enquiries about ITAS or Hivedome Ltd please contact us at:

Hivedome Limited
Finance House,
20-21 Aviation Way,
Essex, SS2 6UN. England

Tel: +44 (0)1702 433030

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